So if you didn't notice by now...Instagram is my preferred social media. It first started off as a selfie everyday app where we put cheap filters on them and hope people liked them. 
My page has evolved very much since then (though I do miss posting daily selfies). I have had people ask me what apps I use to get the clean look that I love so much for my photos. So lets go!

1. VSCO - This is the first app I use before I use anything! My favorite presets are The Aesthetic Series. I just love the clean minimalistic look it gives.

2. Snapseed - This app saves my butt so many times! If there is an image where someone's face is in darker light. You can spot edit certain things. It's amazing! Pretty much all I use this for. It has lots of other amazing features but, spot - brightness, contrast, and saturation is what I use only.

3. Photoshop Mix - Ok, so who loves candids? Mee!! When I shoot "candids" with my girls and one person's face is completely off. Photoshop mix lets you photoshop heads off or rearrange some things in the background. LIFE SAVER!

4. Afterlight - This use to be my MAIN app but for some reason I only use it to brighten images. It's tasteful brightening not super ghostly like some apps VSCO can overexpose by just going up 1 stop.


So there you have it! My top few apps that I use! Sorry it wasn't super informative but, maybe you can download a few you don't have and give them a try ;)

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