Hello Internet & photographers out there! Ok, so I have been dying to make this post ever since I purchased my little 35mm camera. Pretty sure I am going to be doing a film series soon but until then enjoy reading about my film journey...


In 2011, during the great closing the Borders Bookstores (tragic even to this day) I purchased a Wedding photographer book called "Wedding Photographers Unveiled".

 Source: http://bklynbride.com/

Source: http://bklynbride.com/

As I was looking through the beautiful full color pages I realized over 80% of the photographers were shooting film or film & digital. I remember feeling so down because I thought I would never get to the point where I would fully understand digital. "Who shoots film anyway?" I thought, "Isn't that a 90's trend?"

Nope. Apparently not.



Here I am. Shooting full manual, booking awesome clients, traveling the world, and chasing my dreams. Never ever in a million years would I have imagined from the early age of 21 that I could do even a fraction of what I have already accomplished (fist pump inserted here).
Among the many resources of changing styles, and perfecting my craft, I come across wanting something more...

To be honest I am just going to say it. My images just aren't cutting it to me. There is a something missing.

Then I came across that book tucked away somewhere in my office and re-glanced through the images. Jose Villa was one of the last photographers to be featured and I was swooning over them. The soft, grainy, vibrant photographs were the answer.
It wasn't about the megapixels anymore. It was about the creativity.

So after arguing with my thoughts and almost buying 5 different cameras I purchased the Nikon F100. And let me tell you. I love this camera.... I shot a few images from my last wedding on there so once the rolls come back I will update with a blog post.

Until then. Enjoy your weekend loves!