In May of 2012, I just turned 22 and that's when I knew in order to really learn this "Wedding Photography" market I had to seek help. 
Looking back now I would never think I would be where I am today. I was so insecure and lacked confidence in every area. But, just to be around a wedding and to work on my craft was the whole world to me...

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different...
— C.S Lewis
Alora Rachelle | First Time Second Shooting & Personal Growth


May 17th, 2012

I had the pleasure of second shooting... I was a little nervous. I had just gotten my Nikon d90 and 35mm 1.8 but, it was sent without a working charger. Luckily she lent me a battery, so I could be somewhat successful that day, and a little bit useful to her.

Well, the problem was. I haven’t even turned the camera on, let alone shot any photos with it. Yep, it was all chance and luck today. Not to mention that I switched over from Canon TO Nikon. All the buttons, dials and switches weren’t the same whatsoever. I immediately felt stressed. How can I be an awesome second shooter and I have no clue what I am doing?

I panicked without letting anyone see. But, there were 3 things I remembered from EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL CAMERA SKILLS by Photography Concentrate (they have easy read tutorials I recommend them to EVERY new photographer out there) Focus, Aperture, and RAW. I figured that would help me to a certain extent. Not make me pro, but able to deliver decent photos.

The day lasted for about 8 hours and by then, the repetition of the same buttons and dials I was remembering everything and I was faster. My pictures were sharper and success was created ;)

Alora Rachelle | First Time Second Shooting & Personal Growth

She had 2 second shooters. Or maybe I was a third shooter rather? I’m not sure. It was me and Aaron, who used to be her photographer awhile back and they were reunited. He reassured me countless times to relax be confident and shoot. I figured that was easy enough. So why not just go for it? I gave it my all, incorporated some of the things I knew and ran with it.

Alora Rachelle | First Time Second Shooting & Personal Growth
Alora Rachelle | First Time Second Shooting & Personal Growth

When you think of normal brides you would think of someone calm, happy, maybe a little insecure, bridezilla? Well Jenny was none of these she was chill and joked about everything. How ideal right? Makes the day better and everyone is in a good mood! Now onto the love scene. I got a few good shots of the couple and even some artsy fartsy photos ;)

Alora Rachelle | First Time Second Shooting & Personal Growth

Something to remember: Always know where you came from because it helped shape you into the person you have become...

I will never forget. And I also, will never stop trying to learn and improve my craft.

TGIF Babes ;)

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