I just want to extend my deepest apologies to everyone and anyone affected by this....Oh and get ready for the longest blog post you've ever read. See that was a joke! Aha. You're welcome.

As a photographer, as a person, as an artist...I have not been staying true to myself. To my personality, to my business, to my craft...


You see it's easy in the photographer world to get involved with what absolutely everyone else is doing. For example: how they formulate their photographs, how they edit, how they do everything. And I want to say, " I am sorry." Because I was one of those photographers. 

Now don't get me wrong I wasn't  copying another photographer's work but, in order to fit into the "Fine Art" category it seemed that shooting film was the answer. Editing with this software & presets was the only way to achieve that look. Posing the couple like "this and this" made sense to the brand. And that works for 90% of photographers to just FIT in the bill of their style category.

But, I don't want to do that anymore.
I may love the look of Fine Art but, I want to do it MY way. The way I perceive it. 
To fit MY personality. 


I still want to document a couple as authentically as I can. The close ups, the details, the in between moments, and even the funny laughs when I say something corny. Does it necessarily fit? No. Do I care? Double no. You see I am sarcastic. VERY sarcastic. I am an extravert but also pretty laid back. I am super clumsy ( I mean I fall standing up guys) and I am willing to almost fall just to get my clients to laugh.  I like some minimalist things mixed in with hipster. Does it fit with my brand? Not really. But, that's ok. So you may see some changes made to my website (again I know just work with me here)

This year is a big change for me. I am going to stay true to what I love : photography. And I am going to do it my way whether it makes sense or not. 

So welcome 2016. Let's get this ball rolling.