So here is Janell. One of the cutest photographers like, ever. Even though she’s partially an introvert, she doesn’t let that stop her from making images happen on the wedding day…

  1. Make sure you are compatible. It doesn’t matter how awesome a person can shoot. If you can’t even spice up a random conversation with them or relate to them in any way, you WILL find yourself feeling stuck in an awkward situation…
  2. Do you like their creative eye? Even though you DO want to be “basically friends” with your shooter, you HAVE to like their images. I mean that’s why you’re hiring them right? You’re basically hiring a friend that takes good photos & someone you 100% trust on their own.
  3. Do you trust them on their own? If you are chasing your 2nd shooter with an image they told you they shot or shoot over them just to be sure....You don't trust them. And you can't be everywhere at once! You just can't, so if you can't trust them to snap images when you're not there...Then you need to find someone else.
  4. Do you use more than 100 images? This is A MAJOR THING for me personally. Some photographers only hire 2nd shooters for the "assistant role" which is totally fine but, that's not me. I mostly like to get & do everything myself. But, I need a documentary eye while I get all the traditional shots so I can paint a full picture of the day for my clients. So I need to use more than 100 shots to make sure we are both doing our job together of recreating the wedding day in photos.
  5. #BehindTheScene photos of YOU in action. For blog posts such as these or future marketing purposes, it makes sense to have behind the scene photos. Plus, they are sometimes super fun to have for memories sake. I have so many photos of me laughing with my clients that I just truly cherish!
  6. Last tip, make sure they respect you. If they are over your shoulder changing your poses or talking over you. Probably not the best fit. And think, most of us hire a 2nd shooter for a full day. They need to know you are kind of in charge & making suggestions is acceptable but, overriding the main photographer is a no-no. 

So, that’s it for tips. Whether you agree or disagree, these are the things that work the best for me. When I am compatible with my shooter, and trust her 100%? We make some magical images together. I mean come on. And having a friend to make crazy eyes with during the wedding day craziness is so golden you have to agree ;)