Alora Rachelle | Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

Being photographed has always been stressful for me.  I’ve never been one of those people who had instincts for how to position myself to highlight my strengths and not my weaknesses.  Whenever someone tagged me in a photo on Facebook or asked to take a photo my mind would whirl with a flurry of worries. What should I do with my shoulders, what should I do with my hands or arms?  I would panic and just do whatever awkward pose came to me at that moment. 

When Alora Rachelle came into my life, she looked at me with the eyes and patience of a photographer who is sincerely passionate about her clients.  She immediately found the things about me that she wanted to highlight and also had ideas for how to present my whole self in its best light.  

I’m writing this narrative to express the confidence building and calming experience I had as a client of Alora Rachelle.  There are many things I could highlight but the most important are related to how I felt before, during and after as a client.  

Coffee Shop: Consultation 

I needed professional photos taken for my lifestyle blog.  Alora and I met at a coffee shop.  We discussed what style and feeling I was looking for the photos. She asked me a series of questions and looked at some of my previous photos and she really learned my “story”.    She made me feel immediately at ease.  She spoke words of confidence when she explained what she thought would work for my photoshoot. We set goals, discussed poses and she fully took in my looks, personality and translated that into a planned shoot. The client meeting made me feel secure that Alora had confidence in the outcome of the shoot before we even began. I felt that it wasn’t just going to be a lucky break if we got a few good photos, that Alora expected and planned for a successful shoot. 

Johannah is a new upcoming creative professional and she is in the process of launching her own writing & blogging business. She will be guiding those who seek to improve their writing skills both on social media & book writing. Recently we did a shoot together where I photographed her headshots and she offered to write a post on her recent experience... 

What I Expected vs. What I Experienced

The day of the photoshoot came and Alora met me at a location we both loved: Great Lakes Coffee in Detroit.   Alora immediately validated the location and lighting. She gave me very specific directions, and showed me tips and tricks for how to position myself to highlight the best features about me.  Instead of feeling stressed and awkward, I felt beautiful.   I’d never experienced someone taking a photo of me where I felt like I was in the moment, focusing on the process.

One pose I was struggling so Alora tweaked it so it worked with my personality.  That turned out to be my favorite shot of the collection.  She acknowledged my personality but also challenged me to try something new. 

Images Received: Seeing true myself for the first time

When Alora shared the album of our shoot with me I was shocked.  I saw a part of me I had never realized was there. Every awkward Facebook photo or stressful photo session faded away and I saw myself through Alora’s eyes.  She has a gift of helping others see their potential and worth. 

Now my outlook has shifted and I see possibilities for future business and personal related photo shoots. I know Alora will be there to see me through those events with professionalism and intentionality.