Megan + Gareth | The Whiskey Factory Detroit

Imagine this,  you’re on a mountain top with the love of your life, he opens up a ring box and you’re mouth drops because as he opens the box you see the ring fall out, your boo thinks your about to say no and then looks down and realizes what happens and you’re both frantically searching through the grass to find the ring and once you finally do,a sigh of relief and all’s right with the world. You’re about to be a forever boo. That’s the fun, whirlwind engagement of Megan and Gareth.

I first met this sweet couple with Miranda from Spoke events, we went out for some food and just spent time getting to know each other. They are both fun, loving introverts and they’re just so down to earth. It was important to them that their photographer be someone they could be good friends with. When the time came they chose me because they liked my personality. Like seriously, I’m still so honored by that.

 When we did their engagement session we did an in home session and then went to the Apparatus Room which is a fancy breakfast, lunch and dinner spot. These two are a very private but very intimate couple, being around them you can tell how genuinely in love they are.

This wedding was a great blend of urban rustic meets classic elegance.The wood tones, the all black dressed wedding party, the white dahlias, ranunculus, calla lilies and mixed greeneries. It was all a vibe honestly. Megan and Gareth’s wedding day was exactly what they wanted, no stress, no worrying about anything as they just enjoyed each other and lived out the wedding day as it unfolded. These two were all about the moments, I’m telling you they were after my own heart. It was a privilege and honor to capture their wedding day for them.

I wish you both all the best and many trips to Paris!

Xx, Alora Rachelle