How to Separate Yourself from Your Competition

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Someone once asked me, “how do you deal with all the competition, and aren’t you annoyed with all these “new” photographers?”

Honestly, I was kind of set back, shocked even.

Considering that at one point and time, that was ME. I was probably a photographer people cringed at because I decided to do something so terrifying without all the knowledge I should’ve had.

Taking a leap on something I barely had the confidence to tell people what I was. I was a “newbie” photographer.

I often take a lot of time to self-reflect and see where I’ve come from so I don’t give myself the right to poke my nose in the air. I am not the best photographer but, I’m not what I used to be either.

My response, “I help them because I genuinely want them to succeed AND I want to be the help they need… the help I wish I had when I first started”.

Anyways, I said all of that to say this, don’t forget where you started, no matter how far you succeed, and definitely do something selfless if you feel the need to be snobby. *mic drop*