S3 Episode 2: Balancing Mom Life and Running a Systemized Photography Business with Jenn Bays

Oh boy do I have a good episode for you guys today! In this episode, I’m chatting with Jenn Bays, the CEO of Success Beyond the Lens – a business management and marketing company. What started as a side hustle is now a big company and she did this all while being a wife and a mother of 3.


  • Tips on outsourcing: When and how to do it and what to outsource
  • The challenges and triumphs of starting your own business 
  • Reasons why you need a CRM tool
  • Balancing work, life, and mom guilt
  • And more!


  1. Always have a system in place!

If you’re just getting started, you should definitely invest in a CRM system ( Honeybook, is a great place to start) and make sure you spend the time truly learning the system. Go to Youtube or Vimeo and go through their get started process to learn how to set up the systems properly.

  1. Start outsourcing before you think you need to

You might want to start outsourcing when you start making a certain amount of money or because you have kids or an elderly parent to take care of – it’s really going to depend on you and where your priorities lie. I’m a big fan of outsourcing before you’re ready because onboarding anyone during your busy season is never fun. You won’t be able to train them properly and that’s no fun for anyone. 

Outsourcing can also give you more mental energy because you know the tasks that you don’t love doing are being done by someone else and someone you trust. You’ll feel like you have more time and more energy and your business benefit because of that. 

  1. Top 3 tips on starting a business
  • Have an auto-reply set up
    • Your CRM system will be an evolving process, but at the minimum, you need to have an auto-reply set up that lets your clients know: who you are, when they can expect to hear from you, and what your work hours are. This helps you set the expectations and the boundaries of how and when you work.
  • Split your finances
    • You don’t necessarily need to have a business account but it needs to be a separate account that all the money you’re paid goes to and then you can transfer what you need to your personal account, if you need. 
  • Network like your life depends on it
    • Schedule coffee chats, get on a podcast, talk about your area of expertise in a Facebook group – do anything and everything to get your name out there! The more visibility you have, the better your rate of success will be. 
  1. Benefits of CRM systems
  • A central location for your clients to contact you
    • When you have too many places where people can contact you that leaves room for error and for you to forget to reply to someone.
  • Automation
    • Systems like Honeybook will help you save invoices, contracts, emails, and questionnaires all in one location and most of those things can be automated in case your forget.
  • Better visibility for your business
    • The more testimonials you have on Google or Facebook, the higher your SEO ranking will be making your business more visible.


“Give yourself grace. You’re going to learn, you’re going to find room for opportunities so allow yourself to do those things, take a bad experience and figure out what you need to do differently to make it a good experience for someone else.” – Jenn Bays, CEO of Success Beyond the Lens

To hear more on these topics, listen to the full episode