S3 Episode 3: Why Email Marketing is Essential for Creatives

Episode number 3, guys! Today I’m having a chat with Kendra Swall who is a former elementary teacher turned entrepreneur. She currently runs a successful photography studio in the Dallas area and hosts a weekly podcast called, Girl Means Business, that helps women start and build their dream business.


  • Pivoting your business
  • How to balance mom life 
  • How she built her photography business
  • How to market your business and kick off your email marketing


  • Always know exactly who your target audience is – knowing who they are, what they like, and what their pain points are will really help your marketing.
  • When starting a brand or business know that you are your brand! You want to attract people to your business that are going to be attracted to you and what you have to offer. You are part of what your ideal client is so focus on who your client is at their core.
  • How to market yourself as a creative:
    1. Figure out what your brand is and what do you want people to feel like when they see your brand.
    2. Get a great email marketing platform! This is where you can dive deeper and connect with your audience. It’s more reliable than social media because you’ll always own the emails on your list and have direct access to their inbox unlike with social media platforms, if they go away, so do all your followers!
  • How to excel at email marketing:
    1. Use an email marketing platform that works for you! You’re able to have control over your audience and control what you send out. Flodesk is a great option that has beautiful templates and is super easy to use!
    2. Get a lead magnet: You want to give your potential clients or customers a reason they want to hear from you. Give out a PDF guide, a coupon, a printable checklist – anything you can offer to relieve one of their pain points. Once they sign up to download or accept the special offer, they’ll be added to your email list!
    3. Set up a welcome sequence: A welcome sequence is a series of 3-5+ emails that go out automatically introducing your new subscriber to you, your business, and what you can offer them. The benefit of this is that the emails are all automated so once your client or customer signs up for the email list, they will automatically get the sequenced emails on a specific cadence without you having to lift a finger!


“It’s not about how far you are in your journey, it’s about who’s behind you that you can turn around and help.” – Kendra Swalls, Founder of Girl Means Business

To hear more on these topics, listen to the full episode