S3 Episode 4: What It Really Takes to Become a Creative Educator with Laylee Emadi


Today, I had such a great convo with Laylee who is a business and creative education coach, podcast host, and photographer. She is the founder of the Creative Educator Academy and the Next Level Retreat and firmly believes in the power of community!


  • How to know when you’re ready to become an educator
  • What NOT to do when trying to become a creative educator
  • Tips on how to hire the right people
  • How to juggle multiple mini business’s at once


Things NOT to do when trying to become a creative educator:

  1. Not thinking things through before jumping in – you always need a plan!
  2. Not building up any kind of experience. Don’t jump from offering someone advice once to all of a sudden becoming a mentor and coach. You need all the other steps in the middle!
  3. Only becoming an educator because that’s what everyone else is doing. It’s not the job for everyone so you have to make sure you’re suited for that career path.

Two ways to know you’re ready to become an educator

  1. Has what you’re wanting to teach others worked for you? Make sure it really has so you can back up what you’re offering!
  2. Did the advice you gave to someone else work for them? If it’s worked for others then you can be pretty confident it’ll work for a large group of people. The proof is in the pudding!


“Completely shut out the outside voices. In terms of comparison, competition, self-doubt. Those are the things that held me back but now, I’m able to shut out the noise!” – Laylee Emadi, founder of the Creative Educator Academy

To hear more on these topics, listen to the full episode