- Francisca & Travis

Alora is more than just amazing, she is a visionary with heart, soul, and passion. She somehow takes these abilities and pours them into each image she captures. She has crafted the art of photography to highlight the importance of a moment, not just the aesthetics surrounding it. Alora gets those in-between shots that you forgot had ever happened and they make you laugh, or sob, as you scroll through the film! 

I've never felt more at ease, and yet so stinking excited to have my picture taken. When you are confident in your photographer it shows in your pictures. You're happier, you're at ease, and you have one less thing to worry about which is a tremendous gift on a day as busy as your wedding! She captures each image with precision and care. They don't look "obligatory," they look happy and rich with love. These are the kinds of photos you want your grandchildren to see. They show you laughing and surrounded by the people most valuable to you and they are edited with such care that you're more than delighted to have them in your possession, you just can't wait to show them off! 

When I say she has changed the way that I look at photography, I mean it. I can't help but refer her to my friends and family because she really is that GOOD. I want other people to be able to experience her charm and craftsmanship like I was able to because it really is such a gift. Thank you, Queen, for being absolutely wonderful at your job and making my day not only a fond memory, but a treasure to relive with each and every picture.

Alora Rachelle