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Welcome to a new era where there are no more "4 hour zoom calls". You now have the flexibility and the freedom to pick up your phone, and voice message me within seconds.

Imagine the flexibility of having a coach at your fingertips and all your burning questions answered. No more scouring the internet for free content, podcasts, or even Google because you're racking your brain on how to move the needle in your business.

We all want the ability to "talk it out", get an answer right away, and ask another question (without feeling guilty).

I know, I can't believe it either. I've been offering this exclusively to my students inside of The Wedding CEO but, I want to really expand this personal coaching experience to everyone...

And that's when I realized, CEO Days can really change the industry, in the best way.

It's like having a conversation, your deepest questions validated, and most of all, an entire day that works around your work-life schedule. It's simple. You can ask when you have the question and I'll answer right away.
Name a better deal than that, I'll wait.

If you need:


Clarity in your Mindset

You may just want to see if the thing holding you back right now is your imposter syndrome, or is it something else. 


Help with your Strategy

You're going back and forth about what should go where in your business. You need another set of eyes on your paper.


Or just to "talk it out"

Sometimes you have to get  all the nonsense out of your head and in someone else's ears (and maybe a little validation?).

then here's your solution:

 Spend a 1:1 day with me, where you get the option to literally ask me anything for an entire day. Together, we will deep dive into your mindset, structure, marketing, or branding to create a custom success roadmap for your wedding photography business.

book your Day

what you're  going to get on your 1:1 ceo day:

Once you purchase your CEO Day, you will select a day that works best for you on the scheduler. Feel free to send me any messages you have ahead of time and I will answer them all on our scheduled date.  No question is dumb, and you're never asking too many questions. Yes, I know, this is mind blowing. 

  • 1:1 Access to me for 8 hours
  • Full clarity in any topic chosen
  • Voice messages to listen back to
  • The possibilities are endless!

obsessed? Thought so.

For the past five years I have done 30-min mentor sessions so it was easier on everyone's schedule because, I love coaching.

But, a zoom call is still a zoom call. And no one has the time to stop what they're doing, look pretty, hop on a call, and then implement (or try to remember) everything that was said.

All these problems are solved with CEO days.Let me show you how we can change your business in just ONE day.

chat soon, ceo

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