- Sophia Frances Events

Daunting is an understated way to describe how it feels to enter the wedding industry. As a creative, you're equally inspired and terrified of the business and by those who seem to be doing successfully. For me, our community of creatives in Detroit is one of the most supportive, friend-like groups that I felt more than capable of doing my thing without interrupting others. That's where Alora Rachelle comes in.

When I say, "This is my girl!" I mean MY GIRL, okayyy? Having known her since 2015 is a blessing in and of itself. A lot of times you will find people who are simply playing "the game" but she's as genuine as they come. She has been such a breath of (earthy-toned) fresh air. During our official mentorship meeting, I wasn't expecting to get so much quality information. I was writing notes as if I were in a college lecture.

Not because I had to, but because what she was saying made valuable sense and I didn't want to forget it. She discussed personality types in yourself and in your friends and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will offer you genuine guidance. She gave me websites that will improve my efficiency as I create contracts and send invoices.  She made me confident that I was on the right track but also comfortable with being myself.

A lot of my reactions to her suggestions were like, "What?! No way!" or "Stop, you're kidding!" because she gives you the low down on the most complex issues in the simplest of ways. Needless to say, I am now well aware that I can keep my head above water because Alora figured out a way. If you're looking for guidance in a strong-minded, motivated individual, I would absolutely recommend Alora. She isn't going to sugar you up, she will tell you straight #facts drizzled in honey.  That's the kind of person I want in my corner, and it should be the kind of person everyone has in theirs. 

Alora Rachelle