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Detroit Intimate Weddings · Alora Rachelle

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I love meeting up with clients to make sure we're a perfect fit. It's important to me that my brides are well taken care of. Which means I have limited availability to make sure we work best & completely together! With that being said, let’s talk about my approach and wedding style real fast. Shot lists? Pinterest poses? We might not be the best fit, but that’s 100% ok because you deserve to find your perfect fit photographer for you! While I love the super traditional approach to many things in life, on the wedding day I’d rather be a fly on the wall.

I will give direction and cues when needed, but, I prefer to capture the moments no one has posed for. I want your wedding day to be beautiful but, honest, real, and simply a good time...just as you remembered it. When you see your images, I want you to say “I didn’t know this happened!” I want to tell you a story of your day whether you were aware or just simply soaking it all in.

If you totally agree with everything (or mostly everything) I just ranted about, then we will probably click and have similar visions for the wedding day! Soo that means we need to meet for coffee ASAP and chat about all the wedding details!

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