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You will need the FREE Lightroom Mobile App in order to use these presets.

This pack is for all the fall vibes, with desaturated colors and warmer tones, these will always make your feed oh so aesthetic **wink**

There are two ways to download these:

  • Download these Mobile Presets to your desktop or laptop and AirDrop or Dropbox them to your phone then open the PDF for further instruction

  • Download them on your phone with this video: https://youtu.be/wkL7mK95MjA

This pack includes: 

  • AUTUMN: With smooth brown and red undertones. Very moody, muted, + neutral, just how I like it for those fall pictures with the color-changing leaves

  • COZY: This is similar to autumn but, a bit more moody, and desaturated. My personal fave.

  • INTERIOR: This is what I use when I take photos of my house, it’s naturally cool but, you can warm it up slightly. Also, it’s super sharp (not suggested for selfies lol)

  • PUMPKIN: Just like the name, it has nice warm and orange tones. Pumpkin patch photo shoot, anyone??

  • SELFIE: I use this indoors, usually facing a window for a nice (tan) skin tone to warm things up when the winter comes.

  • SNUG: This is a slightly muted brown minimal preset. For those days you want to show off your fancy latte or tea.

  • WINTER: For your minimalists out there I would save this for outdoor snow photos. It’s a good “white-out” preset if you know what I mean.

Don’t forget to hashtag #AloraRachellePresets so I can see and like your work!!

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