Indoor + Outdoor Preset Pack

Indoor + Outdoor Preset Pack


You will need the FREE Lightroom Mobile App in order to use these presets.

This pack is vibrant, true to eye and very versatile can be used to edit a MILLION ways.

There are two ways to download these:

  • Download these Mobile Presets to your desktop or laptop and AirDrop or Dropbox them to your phone then open the PDF for further instruction

  • Download them on your phone with this video:

This pack includes:

  • At Home: This is my favorite preset! It's cooler on first click but, warm it up a little and it’s pure magic. I use this on nearly any image I want for a indoors without the moody aspect. I included a warm + cooler option for this preset

  • Cash Me Outside: This preset is a similar look to the “At-home” preset but, it works best with outdoor images. With a slight bump of contrast and color it's similar to "true to eye"

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