The "Basic Need" Pack

The "Basic Need" Pack


You will need the FREE Lightroom Mobile App in order to use these presets.

This pack is mostly used for EVERYTHING. Sort of a modern minimalist starter pack. You have a cooler clean preset, a warm preset, and a black and white for all the vibes. A good place to start your mobile preset journey

There are two ways to download these:

  • Download these Mobile Presets to your desktop or laptop and AirDrop or Dropbox them to your phone then open the PDF for further instruction

  • Download them on your phone with this video:

This pack includes: 

  • Marshmallow: I highly suggest this preset for the minimalists/interiors. This preset makes the whites POP + bring a clean blue tone

  • Light + Moody: While this is moody, it’s more of a warmer reddish/orange tone. Desaturates and slightly mattifies your images.

  • Charcoal BW: This is a very dark and muted black and white, I made this identical to my current desktop black and white preset I use with EVERY photo. Heavy grain and deep shadows. It's a little spooky

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