The Moody Preset Pack

The Moody Preset Pack


You will need the FREE Lightroom Mobile App in order to use these presets.

This pack is for all the moods + good vibes, with desaturated colors and warmer tones, this will always make your coffee look creamy.

There are two ways to download these:

  • Download these Mobile Presets to your desktop or laptop and AirDrop or Dropbox them to your phone then open the PDF for further instruction

  • Download them on your phone with this video:

This pack includes:

  • MOOD: With smooth brown undertones I should’ve named this one coffee. Very moody, muted, + neutral, just how I like it for those rainy days

  • Light + Moody: While this is moody, it’s more of a warmer reddish/orange tone. Desaturates and slightly mattifies your images.

  • Good Vibes: Warm tones + good vibes slightly muted for an earthy mood + aesthetic. Slightly less moody than "mood"

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