Are You Ready To (Finally) Become the CEO? 

Get ready to align your pricing, elevate your marketing plan, and book your six-figure year (and beyond) without trading time for money. Oh yes, this is definitely possible.

let's scale your business to Six figures & beyond. 

Imagine a world where you’re the CEO of a thriving cult brand, complete with aligned clients & limitless profits.

Six-figures is only just the beginning. Inside The Wedding CEO, you will learn everything you need to know about running a high-profit, low-lift wedding photography business that will serve you for years to come.

Being the CEO of a brand that operates seamlessly & generates limitless income is well within your reach…

from stressed out 

Constantly questioning whether you’re charging enough or too much, raising and lowering your prices in hopes of getting clients in the door.

Changing your branding all the time because it never feels “right.”

Spending hours on phone calls, only to lose sales because you don’t know how to convey your value to potential clients.

Having no systems in place so you spend every moment you’re not behind the camera on your phone, answering emails.

Hustling full-time with no sustainable income.

to confident ceo 

KNOWING that your pricing is perfect, and that you can continue to raise it because the demand is there.

Having a brand that showcases EXACTLY who you are and what you do. With a sales & marketing strategy to back it up.

Booking a high percentage of perfectly-aligned clients from sales calls, because you know exactly what to say.

Have an organized and systemized backend that keeps your clients happy even when you’re out of office.

Making six-figures and beyond, consistently and easily.

listen, i know:

Your time is precious & your energy is limited

So why are you wasting them on…
…clients that don’t feel right?
…marketing that doesn’t see results?
…systems that require you to live in your inbox?
…endless hustle with no increase in profit or end in sight?

It’s time to say goodbye to the stress and overwhelm, before they burn you out for good. The Wedding CEO will help you do a complete 180 in your business and your life.

“Okay, but what do I need to get there?”

The Wedding CEO hones in on three essential aspects of running and scaling a successful wedding photography business–mindset, marketing, and sales. Once you’ve created a brand that integrates all three, the sky's the limit.

There has never been a better time to grow and scale your photography business. 

the secret formula


Finally overcome the limiting beliefs that hold you back


Master the ability to be everywhere at once with little effort


Use sales psychology to get clients to book your highest packages


She is so helpful and full of ideas to help you grow! I can already tell that my business is going to grow significantly. Highly recommend using her if you want to expand your business!!

I feel so lucky because she really helped me take a look at my business from an outside perspective and figure out what I need to do to achieve my goals as a photographer. She was easy to talk to and gave me some great advice that I am forever thankful for.

maria h

She was so open and willing to share things that helped me move forward in my business. Since then my business has snowballed into something bigger and better! Thank you girlfriend you rock.

michaela K

Alora has creative and tangible solutions for other creatives that work and have shown a ton of success in my business. Alora's own business story is relatable and encouraging and she set a great foundation for my business to become what it is today. 

olivia s



Replace your 9-5 income and make more in a month than ever before.


design a strategic brand that has clients begging you to take their $$


create systems in your business, so you can make $$ even while on the go


have the confidence to dream big & plan your yearly profits with ease 

It’s time to step into luxury and become the CEO you’ve always wanted to be.

it's time to put on your bad & bougie blazer to become

A 12-month program helping photographers grow their business to 5 figure months by implementing our C.E.O. Method. We help our clients build a simple but scalable photography business without ever leading to burnout. This is a high touch group coaching experience. Get on the waitlist for exclusive access to our next enrollment.

the c.e.0 method


Create a Foundation

Mindset & Money - It's time to take charge and create a vision for your business as the CEO. We're going to dive into money mindset, planning your profits, your unique brand strategy to stand out in the sea of others


Elevate Your Business

Pricing & Client Experience - We're going to improve your marketing through your client journey from how people find you to inquire until you deliver their gorgeous images and keep the $$ coming and your visibility top of mind.


Outsourcing & Scaling

Marketing & Scaling - Now you have the thriving wedding photography business of your dreams, how can you take it to the next level and make money other ways? Maybe you want to grow a dream team? Start making money online? We cover all of that here!

The entire course vault: The InstaBrand ($299), Master Your Marketing ($197), and Associate Team Academy ($997)

Access to All My Courses

live Group Coaching Calls

Twice a month group calls to discuss modules, ask questions, and monthly magic calls with Alora on hot topics

an intimate Online Community

12 month Access to a members-only community to network, make connections with like-minded creatives.

what's included:

Don’t want to be bothered with creating everything from scratch? We have a script, guide, template, and email swipe files for every step of the process! 

done for you templates

Personalized Support & Feedback

A chance to submit any work for honest feedback and critques, and share homework for feedback and approval

private podcasts

We have an entire private podcast just dedicated to The Wedding CEO Course & Call replays. We’ve got it ready to binge with  just one click (no excuses on not finishing!)

There has never been a better time to scale your photography business. 

Why start today instead of waiting another 12 months to a year for enrollment to open again? If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now wishing  you had started today!

I’m Alora, Your Online Business Strategist

We transform businesses to embrace abundance, unlock their full potential, and scale to new levels of profitability. 

You want the CEO that has seen it all and done it all. From budget to luxury. From rinse and repeat systems to building teams. To being featured in publications & magazines to curating the editorial gallery. 
Here we we come up with strategies by reverse engineering the goal. We scale a business so we can start a new one, and most of all–we do this without burning out. 

Oh hey, it’s nice to meet you, I'm Alora. I’m your new business' secret weapon.

Marketing Queen
the no-fluff babe
your secret weapon

trusted by:

If you’re a wedding photographer who needs help getting your mindset, goals & strategies straight, Alora is your woman!

- alex monette

With this program:


+ design your unique brand

+ master attraction marketing



become the ceo

you have a choice

I’ve been there and done that in two years flat. 

The sooner you implement these strategies into your business, the sooner you can start scaling your revenue beyond just wedding photography. The opportunities are endless. Your clients are waiting for you to offer them a service like this! Your sanity is waiting for this

Be the first in your industry to implement this innovative, cutting edge scalable business that gives you a huge advantage. 

let's do this thing

doors open june 13th 2023

join the waitlist

Investment is $3500 one time or 7 payments of $500 (extended payment plan available). Joining the waitlist will subscribe you to our email list & an early invitation to enroll with an exclusive bonus.

"Within the first two months of the course, I booked two literal dream clients that saw my value off the bat which used to only be a dream..."

- elise f.