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Detroit Wedding Photographer · Alora Rachelle Photography

I aim to capture, to tell a story. A story of the love, the emotion, the good vibes, like all of it. I am not a photographer so people can see me. It's so people can see their story through my eyes, with my lens...

Hey There!

It's me, Alora

My name was derived from a trendy movie in the 80's called, Willow. My mother felt that it was very important, I be named after a red-headed princess, so...

Hello friend, it's me, Alora.
Most days you can find me at home playing with my daughter Ella and quoting “The Office” with my hubs, Ken. On other days, I am hanging around a hipster coffee shop trying the latest latte of the season.

I’m a storyteller for emotive couples. I’m not about the traditional thing, though we will get necessary shots when needed, I thrive on full creativity to capture the intimacy between a couple. 
I don’t pose, I direct, and step back. That’s how natural magic happens ya know? I have a natural, laid back approach on wedding days.


In 2011, I switched my major of web design because it wasn’t right for me. Worked many part time jobs while still going to school and discovering photography (by capturing bridges and flowers of course). 2014, I married my best friend & cleared everything in my life to focus on my business and I haven't looked back.

Marriage is such a wild and fun adventure and I want to capture all the excitement that comes along with that, unscripted.
I want to show you the best day of your life, so you can relive every second of it, all over again...

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