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Ok so,

I dropped out of college to pursue my dream as a photographer and ditched my major. Two years later, went viral + made six-figures. All this, with my 3 day old daughter in my arms. It’s been a wild crazy ride. But, guess what? It can be done.

Capturing those wedding day feels. I want you to look back on these images and FEEL them all over again. Just know, I’m probably going to stalk your grandma, family members, or just kids in general


  • I am mixed! I am Black, Korean, and Native American

  • I am married to an Enneagram 5. So if you’re shy or awkward? Trust me, I can handle it. Yes, we are the real Ross and Rachel.

  • I spend way too much money on food. But, Thai food and Ramen are my loves. But if looks good and it tastes good? I probably love it.

  • Ahhhh Target + IKEA are my retail therapy. If you follow me on Instagram you already know this haha.

  • I collect vintage items like it’s a side hustle. I am obsessed with old typewriters, vintage cameras, think modern 60’s

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