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Are you ready to work smarter and not harder? Here we teach on simple strategies to scale your business with ease.

This show will help wedding photographers with growing a profitable business without leading to burnout. We will discuss how to put on your CEO hat and get things done efficiently & successfully. 

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I’m Alora, Your New Business Strategist

I help wedding photographers build the businesses they've always dreamed of (without the hustle and the overwhelm).

When I first started my business eleven years ago, I had a borrowed camera and big dreams–taking my business from $10,000 to $100,000 in two years. After scaling back from burnout due to massive growth, I created a signature system that helped me build an elevated business so I could make more while working less...


“Alora inspires & entertains while giving you a wealth of information. Listening to this podcast has taught me more than some courses!”

I love the way she teaches and explains things. I've used so many of the episodes as stepping stones to building and improving my business!”

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Do you want to know how to book your mini sessions effectively? Well, this is for you. Here I explain how I effectively and profitably book my mini sessions (for the first time ever). 

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That's what IG stories is FOR. It's behind the scenes of the HUMAN behind the business. So give it a try, don't put pressure on yourself. You're cooler than you think. 

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What you'll find on this pod:

Practical, Strategic Advice from a Marketing Nerd

Guests that actually know what they're talking about

Honest Conversations about what it takes to run a business 


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5 Reasons You Need to Raise Your Prices NOW

In this episode, I will be giving out significant tips or indicators to know when is the best time to charge more to your clients.

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