Scale to Multiple Six-Figures as a Wedding Photographer

3 Ways to Hit Six Figures as a Wedding Photographer

How to scale your business to multiple six-figures as a wedding photographer? Three Key Strategies to Scale Past Six Figures Raising Prices: As a wedding photographer, you don’t have to completely change your business to hit six figures. Just raise your prices a bit. Let’s say you charge $12,000 per wedding and book 15 weddings, […]

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Making Big Money as a Wedding Photographer

Making Big Money as a Wedding Photographer with a 9-5 in TWC

How can networking help you earn $22k as a wedding photographer? These days, networking is like gold in the wedding industry. Chrissandra, a wedding photographer in The Wedding CEO program, discussed how networking can totally change your game. Here, we delve into key takeaways from our conversation to illustrate how networking can redefine your wedding […]

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Networking in the Wedding Industry

Networking in the Wedding Industry is “The New Black”

Why is word of mouth networking the “new black” in the wedding industry? Networking Ties the Knot in the Wedding Industry In The Wedding CEO, my students share a common theme: networking is the new black, especially in the wedding industry. In a time where everyone is using ads, reels, and social media marketing, we’re […]

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