Why I Created The Wedding CEO – All The Program Details


I'm Alora
I'm a Wedding Photographer Sales Strategist. I teach Marketing and Sales strategies that scale my students businesses to $100k confidently without leading to burnout.
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This program is already stirring buzz. Get answers, change your mindset, and watch your business flourish with The Wedding CEO.

What’s Inside

I created The Wedding CEO for a lot of reasons. Having mentored since 2016, I launched this gem a year ago. Why? Well, answering repetitive questions from fellow photographers made me see a big mistake: jumping into rebranding without a clear purpose. While change is important, it should have a plan, not just follow trends. The Wedding CEO is where I share insights beyond design templates and mindless rebrands. Here, we explore the essentials of building a business foundation, thereby opening doors to growth without complexity. It’s not just about rebranding, rather, it’s about understanding why your business exists.

Why I Created It

Think about those photographers feeling isolated, facing self-doubt, and pointing fingers at everything but themselves for client troubles. So, there they were, desperately seeking someone to spill the tea on success without all the complicated jargon. That’s where The Wedding CEO steps in—the holy grail for breaking free from that annoying trial-and-error loop. Forget about those complicated strategies; this is your friendly guide to becoming a financial and mindset wizard. I couldn’t bear to watch photographers suffer, so I sprinkled some empowerment and created a program to turn their businesses into gold mines. And hey, we’ve got extra goodies now, which are support coaches, a wedding copywriter, and a fancy progress-tracking system to hit that six-figure jackpot!

Why You Should Join

Who’s up for a game-changing program? For wedding photographers aiming for a straightforward six-figure gig, this one’s for you. We’re not diving into rocket science, instead, it’s all about the basics, which are mindset, branding, marketing, and sales. Work smart, not hard, with just 10 hours a week bringing in those sweet 10k months. Plus, we’ve got your back for a whole year! Facing questions and bumps in the road, we’ve got you sorted with the mindset boost. Here’s the kicker: When your mindset’s in check, success follows suit. Let us guide you every step for 12 months, making your business both sustainable and scalable.