EPISODE 4 COMING AT YA! Today, I had such a great convo with Laylee who is a business and creative education coach, podcast host, and photographer. She is the founder of the Creative Educator Academy and the Next Level Retreat and firmly believes in the power of community! TODAY’S TOPICS How to know when you’re […]

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S3 Episode 4: What It Really Takes to Become a Creative Educator with Laylee Emadi

You can have a thriving, successful business with a small Instagram audience. No, seriously. Followers don’t pay your bills, friend. Instagram Followers ≠ Sales Let’s talk about how I pretty much scraped my way to where I am now. Because honestly, let’s be REAL. Nobody started off at the peak of their life, right? When […]

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Episode 15: Followers Don’t Pay Your Bills & Let’s Get Insta-Real

    DREAM CLIENTS, IMPOSTER SYNDROME, SECOND SHOOTER ETIQUETTE, NICHING DOWN AND BECOMING A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Hey Fam, sorry I haven’t been here in a week. I’ve been trying to keep up with all the many tasks and man, spring cleaning and spring bookings are a real thing. But that’s beside the point. Today I […]

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Episode 11: Dream Clients, Imposter Syndrome, Second Shooter Etiquette & Becoming a Wedding Photographer

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