Scale to Multiple Six-Figures as a Wedding Photographer

3 Ways to Hit Six Figures as a Wedding Photographer


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How to scale your business to multiple six-figures as a wedding photographer?

Three Key Strategies to Scale Past Six Figures

Raising Prices: As a wedding photographer, you don’t have to completely change your business to hit six figures. Just raise your prices a bit. Let’s say you charge $12,000 per wedding and book 15 weddings, that’s $180,000. If you bump it up to $15,000 per wedding and still book 15 weddings, you’re raking in $225,000. Easy math, right? Keep doing what you’re doing, just charge more.

Building a Team: Want to run a bigger wedding photography business without burning out? First, just double or triple your prices and then build a team. Moreover, The Wedding CEO program has an Associate Team Academy course, where I share everything you need to know about building a team, including creating manuals and handbooks, pricing structures, and legalities.

Adding Income Streams: Another great way to grow your wedding photographer business? Diversify your income. Try selling presets, offering workshops, or launching courses. These streams are low-lift and have less overhead, making them an attractive option for many photographers. For instance, I made my first few thousand bucks selling mobile presets to my email list. That really showed me how much you can make online without breaking a sweat.

Branding and Marketing as a Wedding Photographer

Branding is key to getting sales and attracting your dream clients. Your brand is more than just visuals; it’s the strategy behind how you show yourself and connect with people. I always emphasize the importance of creating a brand that resonates with people and makes them feel like choosing you is the right decision.

Looking back, I built my brand first, which made marketing easier. Your brand story is a tiny piece of the puzzle, but it’s the foundation of your marketing efforts. Without a strong brand, your marketing is aimless and weak. As a wedding photographer, you need a clear brand strategy and consistent visuals to pull in the right clients and grow your business.

Wedding Photography Tips and Personal Insights

If you’re a wedding photographer who’s constantly dealing with bargain hunters, clients who just don’t get you, or a bank account that’s always empty, then guess what? The problem might be you. Yep, your branding and pricing could be the culprits. Therefore, cleaning up your brand and making sure your prices are profitable can make a significant difference. Remember, one of the most critical skills for any entrepreneur is identifying problems and strategizing solutions.

By actually thinking through your problems instead of just freaking out, you can cut down on the drama and stress. Try writing down your thoughts—it might help you figure out what to do next.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then consider joining the waitlist for The Wedding CEO program and discover the support and resources available to help you succeed. Additionally, remember that your foundation needs to be sturdy. Ultimately, with the right moves, you can hit your goals and create a booming wedding photography business.