Networking in the Wedding Industry

Networking in the Wedding Industry is “The New Black”


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Why is word of mouth networking the “new black” in the wedding industry?

Networking Ties the Knot in the Wedding Industry

In The Wedding CEO, my students share a common theme: networking is the new black, especially in the wedding industry. In a time where everyone is using ads, reels, and social media marketing, we’re constantly being sold countless times daily.

The new trend in the wedding industry is word-of-mouth networking. My easiest inquiries came from client referrals, wedding planner referrals, or word of mouth—these have consistently been the most effective sources. Clients and guests often hire me after seeing how discreetly I handled myself and worked with my team at weddings. 

You can make an impression that makes people think, “That’s who I’m going to book.” Personally, I’m more likely to buy from a recommendation based from friends, family, or coworkers than frequent marketing ads.

This might seem contradictory, but hear me out. There’s a common sales fact that someone needs to see something consistently for seven days to even click the link. That’s why ads are everywhere. If you’re investing in ads, creating endless content, and trying to differentiate yourself, the secret weapon is actually networking.

Building Relationships with Wedding Planners

In the wedding industry, the secret weapon of photographers are wedding planners. Inside The Wedding CEO, we held a Wedding Planner Masterclass Tell All with an amazing luxury wedding planner. She discussed approaching and collaborating with wedding planners, along with networking tips for luxury wedding planners. The ads on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook exhaust me. I often text a friend for product recommendations that I trust more than those I find on the internet.

Soon, people will get burned out and take a break from social media and the internet. They’ll opt for new trends like touching grass, reading books, and reconnecting with friends. It feels like a return to 2019, before the pandemic, when we were less glued to our phones and computers. Building connections through platforms like Clubhouse or social media, however, doesn’t match the strength of in-person connections.

Shifting from Social Media to Real Connections

Meeting people online can make the space feel less lonely, but nothing beats meeting someone in person and understanding where they’re coming from. In-person interactions create real connections in the wedding industry that simply can’t be replaced by other methods. This hot take will be the new marketing strategy that takes off. If you want to stay ahead, focus on building personal connections. Moreover, our proven marketing strategy guarantees more wedding inquiries. In fact, it’s one of four effective methods that work every single time, as long as you do them.

We’ve automated and systematized the process because no one wants to post Instagram content daily in real time anymore. If you’re not doing this, join The Wedding CEO and I can tell you exactly what to do. Our converting caption masterclass teaches you to attract clients to your website through Instagram captions. Using insights from my old wedding photography posts to create a caption that really builds connection. 

In The Wedding CEO, we’ll help you get inquiries and book at least half of those, ensuring you can pay your bills and live your best life as a profitable wedding photographer. Our goal is to turn ghosted clients into bookings, helping you earn $100k with weekends off and achieve $15k days like our successful students. Want to book three top-tier clients consecutively? Let’s make it happen— we’ll show you how!