Real talk about Imposter Syndrome


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Imposter Syndrome. - Hey friend. Here is a piece of advice for you.

Imposter Syndrome.

Hey friend. Here is a piece of advice for you.

“Imposter Syndrome is the feeling that you haven’t earned your success, you simply got lucky, and you’re a fraud or “imposter” around people who actually earned it and know what they’re doing.”

Let’s talk about Imposter Syndrome…⁣
I have it, you probably have it.⁣ It doesn’t really seem to go away.⁣

But, I like to think of it as fear in disguise.⁣ And with fear comes comfortability⁣

If you’re comfortable, you’re not dreaming big enough. You’re not taking any risks.⁣
You’re not DOING to your fullest potential.⁣ If you’re afraid, that’s good.
It means you were meant to do it.⁣
It means you weren’t meant to fall but, to fly.⁣

You were meant for more.⁣
So tell that to the “imposter syndrome” in your mind the next time you doubt yourself.⁣
It is only the FEAR of failing but, failure always leads to learning…
then learning leads to success.⁣

You’re not an imposter.⁣ You’re a dreamer, a doer.⁣
⁣You got this⁣. WE got this⁣