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Why Dream Clients Don’t Book CHEAP Photographers


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Why I know dream clients don’t book cheap photographers?

The Value of Pricing Strategy

When I charged $2,500 for weddings, I thought I was being super generous because, you know, it’s a bit more than $1k but still less than $3k, which totally feels like a safe zone. My clients were either very sweet and grateful, they wanted the bare minimum package, and they were just thankful. Anyway, most of my students don’t even dream about dream clients until they start charging a minimum of $5k, which, by the way, is easy once you implement our pricing and sales strategies. We could have your pricing revamped in just one lesson or one call so you can confidently start selling 5k minimum. The average is somewhere between $3.5k to $5k, and then there’s this fancy mid-luxury thing around $6k to $9k. Then of course, luxury is 10K and beyond. 

Some Instagram posts said luxury now starts at $15k or $20k, but whatever, I’m sticking to my model because once you hit the $10k mark, it’s all about easy weddings, dreamy clients, the whole shebang. So aim for the mid-luxury, zoom past $5k, and if you want to expand your empire with an associate team, just charge them the average prices so you can keep your credibility intact.

Client Value and Relationship

Dream clients don’t exactly have a knack for cheap photographers. Your dream client is going to be somebody that wants the best of the best and they value the experience. They’re willing to throw cash at the best because they understand the worth of honoring their special moments. So, if you’re out there thinking your dream client is hunting for bargain basement deals, you might want to reassess.

Because, honestly, who wants someone cheaper than them? Not me! I mean it’s not always about pricing, but let’s face it, do you really want clients who are bargain hunting between photographers like it’s a clearance sale? I didn’t think so. Don’t even get me started on the pressure to be a full-time entrepreneur. It’s okay to have a part-time gig until your photography business is booming. Let’s keep it real, folks.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Just build a sustainable business. Ignore all the noise from podcasts, TikTok, and well-meaning but clueless nine-to-fivers trying to tell you how to run your show. Trust your gut and don’t waste time on advice from those who haven’t walked the walk. Being an entrepreneur is a breeze, isn’t it? Just hype yourself up every day, because no one’s coming to rescue you. Remain with a positive mindset and you’ll be fine.

What if bookings get hectic? Just keep it simple, find your fit, and stop stressing over every missed opportunity. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, or in this case, 2.4 million weddings for this year. Aim for a modest 15 gigs, and you’ll be living the dream.