Making Big Money as a Wedding Photographer

Making Big Money as a Wedding Photographer with a 9-5 in TWC


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How can networking help you earn $22k as a wedding photographer?

These days, networking is like gold in the wedding industry. Chrissandra, a wedding photographer in The Wedding CEO program, discussed how networking can totally change your game. Here, we delve into key takeaways from our conversation to illustrate how networking can redefine your wedding business.

A Solo Wedding Photographer to Supported

As a wedding photographer, Chrissandra’s story shows how different it is to work alone compared to having a supportive network. Before joining The Wedding CEO program, she was pretty clueless about sales and talking to clients. The program showed her how to handle client calls like a pro, turning her from a timid seller to a confident professional who asks for the sale upfront. This change made booking clients a breeze and improved her closing rate because potential clients felt confident and ready to commit during the call. 

One of the biggest changes Chrissandra went through as a wedding photographer was in how she handled sales. At first, she just showed her packages and let clients choose, which usually led to a lot of indecision and missed chances. Thanks to The Wedding CEO program, she learned to actually listen to what clients wanted and guide them towards the right package. With her new sales confidence, this more assertive method made clients feel understood and valued, ultimately leading to more bookings.

The Power of a Compelling Brand Story

Chrissandra’s success really highlights how important a strong brand story is when you’re a wedding photographer. Her transformation from a high school photographer to sought-after wedding professional isn’t just a tale, it’s a way to connect with clients. The Wedding CEO program helped her learn how to tell her story in a way that clicks with couples and planners who appreciate her expertise and unique perspective. This mix of her personal and professional life has been key to attracting her dream clients.

Investing in education is a big deal in the wedding industry. Additionally, Chrissandra pointed out that just having fancy gear doesn’t make you a great photographer; rather, it’s about knowing how to run a business. The Wedding CEO program focuses on education, where she learned how to market herself, set prices confidently, and come off as an expert. This continuous learning and willingness to adapt are key for staying ahead in a competitive market.

Defining and Attracting the Ideal Client

Knowing your dream client is a must. Chrissandra figured out her target audience: clients who appreciate authenticity, quality, and a certain wedding vibe. Consequently, by tweaking her messages and services to attract these folks, she effectively filtered out the ones who weren’t a good match. Additionally, her networking with planners boosted her reach, ultimately leading to high-value bookings and collaborations.

Chrissandra highlighted two game-changing tools from The Wedding CEO program: The Brand Story Framework and The Sales Call Map. Consequently, these tools gave her the structure and confidence to present herself convincingly and handle client interactions smoothly. By tailoring these tools to her style, she kept things real and professional, thereby improving her client interactions and conversions.

Raising Prices with Confidence

One of the significant milestones in Chrissandra’s journey as a wedding photographer was overcoming the fear of raising her prices. With the support of The Wedding CEO, she went from charging $4,400 to confidently starting at $5,000. It didn’t happen overnight; she had to be patient and believe in herself. But once clients started paying the higher rates, it proved she was worth it and boosted her confidence even more. Turns out, sticking to your guns and believing in yourself really pays off in pricing.

Building Sales Confidence through Networking

Chrissandra’s story shows how networking and continuous learning can work wonders as a wedding photographer. By making friends, learning new stuff, and talking up her brand, she has achieved remarkable growth. Basically, networking is indeed ‘the new black’ in the wedding industry—absolutely crucial for staying successful. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie photographer, getting good at networking can take your wedding business to the next level.