Mentoring Sessions

Hey Boss!

When I first started out in the industry, I wished so hard there was someone to help guide me so I knew what I was doing and now, I have the opportunity to do that for other people!

Imagine getting to take the shortcut versus having to jump in a rose bush full of thorns.
Yep, I would shortcut too! On our sessions, I will be completely honest and open with you 100%.

I am a firm believer in community over competition and I genuinely want to see and push you to succeed!! And I have these at incredibly affordable prices for what you get. I care more about empowering and educating than trying to be the next millionaire…

So take a scroll down & see which session best fits you. See ya soon, xo

**BTS of my first FREE workshop. Should I do another, hmm…**BTS of my first FREE workshop. Should I do another, hmm…

**BTS of my first FREE workshop.
Should I do another, hmm…


I’ve been wanting to do a mentor session with a photographer for a couple years but I could never seem to find one that would work out. Then Alora posted about hers and I seriously couldn’t have been happier! She was sooo incredibly helpful! I asked her many questions and she went above and beyond with every answer she gave. The one thing that stood out to me is that she is so personable! I felt like I knew her for forever. She was seriously the BEST!! I feel so much more confident after the session. If you feel like you are struggling in anyway with your business, contact Alora! Seriously. Go do it! You will not regret it because I definitely don’t!





+ Online BUSINESS MENTORSHIP - $350 (*MOST popular*)

This is a two hour where you can ask me anything about my business. When I first started out, it was so embarrassing and so nerve wrecking to ask anyone anything with the fear of being judged or feeling like a complete noob.

But, no judgement here my friend. We will talk about whatever you want.

Some topics I suggest if you’re stuck:

  • workflow

  • figuring out your brand and voice

  • marketing your brand

  • easy ways to book more clients

  • posing tips that actually work

  • my approach to clients and making them comfortable

  • automation and creating systems in your business

  • how and why I use Honeybook in my business (with screenshare)



I’ve wanted to work with Alora since I started to get serious about defining my style and just photography in general. Her photos drew me in and her social media presence got me — hook, line, and sinker. Actually getting to work with her was everything that I hoped for and a cliche amount more. She gets with you on your level, and helps you to figure out steps to move forward, things to try, and answers any questions. The best part is — she’s not just telling you exactly what she did and expecting you to follow in her footsteps. We discussed our personality types and what might work for me based on that, rather than expecting an introvert to succeed like an extrovert. Working with Alora has helped everything to click into place more than I thought it could. She’s a fantastic teacher and I’d recommend her to anyone. 

– Savannah


+ Private workshop with me! - $850

These sessions are usually 3 hours, from here we’ll cover everything I do & how I do it. I will take you behind my entire business workflow (over coffee of course). Then we will move on to the mini session with a model couple (personal + private to your session only). 

From here I will discuss & direct couples and make them comfortable. Then you’ll take these skills and shoot them yourself! We will also go over editing, your style, workflow and how I manage to give my clients such quick sneak peeks!!

I will be right next to you if you have any questions and I will lay my entire business on the table for you.

**BONUS: Six months after our session, I will follow up with a FREE coaching call to see if you need any additional guidance. A $400 value, completely FREE (cuz I’m nice, hehe).





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