Why Dream Clients Don’t Book CHEAP Photographers

Why I know dream clients don’t book cheap photographers? The Value of Pricing Strategy When I charged $2,500 for weddings, I thought I was being super generous because, you know, it’s a bit more than $1k but still less than $3k, which totally feels like a safe zone. My clients were either very sweet and […]

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Attract Your Dream Clients With Your Brand Story

What is your Brand Story? Your Brand Story The Brand Story Training is our new transformational messaging and content tool. This tool is going to be your source of truth when it comes to understanding your dream clients, what it is that you want to do, how it is you want to do it. This […]

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Custom is the New “Luxury” for the Wedding Industry

Wouldn’t your clients prefer a custom experience to get exactly what they want? Customization in the Wedding Industry In the wedding industry, customization has become the new luxury. In January alone, my students collectively submitted 55,544 wins, marking a remarkable month of wins. On the topic of January there is this new information that there’s […]

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