3 Reasons Why Your Clients Aren’t Booking You


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Ever wonder why clients hesitate to book?

Well, surprise, surprise, it’s all about those nerve-wracking sales calls. Remember when emails were your escape from real-time talks? Well, those days are gone in this era of Zoom calls. Sales calls are the unsung heroes of business success. While everyone’s busy with flashy stuff like branding and marketing, the art of confidently representing yourself often takes a backseat. So, let’s unpack the three reasons holding you back from sealing the deal after those client calls.

1. The Confidence Dilemma on Sales Calls

When it’s sales call time, the whole confidence thing becomes a bit of a puzzle. You’re there trying to be the cool, laid-back pro, but sometimes you end up letting the client take the wheel. It becomes this awkward dance, and suddenly you’re both wondering, “Why are we even on this call?” The struggle is real, finding that sweet spot between easygoing and in control. Are you the captain of the call ship, or is it a free-for-all? You have to make sure you’re not just a friendly face but also the one calling the shots.

2. Robotic Business vs. Customized Experience

You’re pulling the classic move of hitting your clients with an automated email and a pricing guide, right? But guess what? It’s not that simple. You’ve got to do way more to stand out. Clients aren’t looking to be just another number in your system or another email in your inbox. They’re after a personal touch and a custom experience. Sure, you can run a tight ship, but turning it into a robotic operation? Not the move. I used to fall into that trap, such as sending out pricing guides with a generic email and wondering why the bookings weren’t flowing in. The trick is making customized proposals. It’s about making your clients feel valued, especially since they’re investing in a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Treat them to an experience, not just a transaction. Make them feel special, not like another tally in the business book.

3. The Problem of Making Call-to-Action 

So, you wrap up the sales call and then don’t know what to do next. Some folks claim they’re not into sales, thinking, “If they really like me, they’ll just book.” Sure, you’ve got a killer personal brand, but let’s not forget the importance of giving clear instructions. In the world of mindset, marketing, and sales, you’re the puppet master. While marketing sets the stage, sales takes the spotlight, which makes you the cash queen. Don’t get too caught up in inquiries if they’re not converting since it’s not your marketing.It’s your sales approach that needs a little love. So, ditch the fear, embrace some structure, and watch those 10k months roll in.