My Trend Predictions For the Wedding Industry: Ins & Outs for 2024


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Ever wondered what the trend predictions and ins and outs for wedding photographers has for 2024? While balancing work and life can be a real struggle, don’t forget to squeeze in some me-time. Now, let’s get into the trend predictions for wedding photographers.

Balancing Consistency and Flexibility

Step into the not-so-CEO glamorous life, where soft vibes meet with an entrepreneur flex. Who needs that hustle culture? Been there, done that, and it’s a total disaster. Flashback to 2019, imagine me deep in the Reddit trenches, hanging out with industry leaders, and reality check – I’ve been sold a bunch of lies. Instead of sobbing about being duped, I’m crafting my own vision. Picture me baking goodies, vacationing, and being a present parent while joyfully running a business. And let me tell you, the joy also comes from teaching. Nothing beats the serotonin rush when clients share their achievements. I’m like a proud mama, dishing out wisdom like candy.

Have More Time For Fun

Everyone must be tired, right? Having more freedom and enjoying weekends is like a dream! Now, if you’re one of those workaholics who thrives on non-stop labor, kudos to you. But let me share my experience from my early business days. I was at a point where I was like, I don’t know anyone in my life anymore, because I haven’t been to anything. Turns out, I missed out on EVERYTHING and I was sick of it. My profound prediction is prioritizing personal time, increasing leisure time, and having a weekend relaxation.

Focus on One Offering

You know what else is all the rage? A simple business! I’ve listened to a lot of stories on podcasts and there are photographers who are diving into the education industry, only to get chewed up and spat out. So, here’s my business  advice— KEEP IT SIMPLE. No need to juggle a million things. Just focus on one offering at a time. Like, if you’re a wedding photographer dreaming of a booming associate team, stick to that. Skip the online course madness, unless you’ve got a personal guide holding your hand through the chaos. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and on the brink of giving up, you can take a break or consider one-on-one coaching.

Embracing Authenticity

Let’s talk about getting in touch with your inner creative genius and figuring out what the heck you actually want to make. I mean, who wants to be a copycat, right? Time to tune out the noise, maybe ditch Instagram on the weekends, or say goodbye to that social media app that’s bombarding you with ads. Get real about your creative self. Following trends might seem like a thrill, but let me tell you, it’s a straight path to creative dissatisfaction. You’re just riding the excitement wave, not doing what you truly want. So, cut the trend-chasing drama and have a serious introspection. Figure out your wants and whys – it’s your VIP pass to the trend prediction game and the key to avoiding the time-wasting trap of things that don’t match your goals and values. Keep it real!

Aligning With Your Dream Clients

You gotta know exactly who your dream clients are because that’s the key to being all choosy and saying yes to these clients and saying no to incompatible clients. The dream people are the ones you’re dying to work with. Some wedding photographers out there are acting like they need to snag every inquiry that comes their way. But seriously, do you? You’re all hung up on this client, stressing about not booking them, but deep down, you don’t even sound like you want to deal with them. Listen up, when it comes to choosing ideal clients, there’s always another one. Just wait and your dream clients will find you if we keep making those moves and making sure we’re targeting them in our marketing.

Chasing Contentment over Dollars

Let me spill the tea on luxury market drama. It’s not this one-size-fits-all with a celebrity stamp. Your luxury market is essentially a wealthier version of you, like ten times the income richer. My clients were fun, humorous, and with killer taste just like me. They are not necessarily doctors or lawyers, but entrepreneurs or creatives. Stepping into the luxury market just meant upping my prices. Some think luxury photography is all about charging big bucks for grand weddings or working with A-listers. But, that is not always true. Photographers might dive in, only to find it’s not their ideal scenario. That’s where aligning with dream clients kicks in wherein prioritizing satisfaction over financial gain. When booking weddings, people focus on experiences, not just the price tag.

Embracing Collaboration and Support

It’s all about ditching the lone wolf act and embracing more of that community vibe. Take the wedding CEO crew, for example. They consistently return for the sense of community, valuing the support network over individual preferences. They seek advice, share experiences, and their inquiries are mainly related to the course content. There’s a shift towards preferring a community with shared lifestyles and goals, moving away from the solo approach. Humans, after all, thrive in communities, and those last bits of lone wolves are likely to realize the strength in unity and join a community for the better.

Less Brand Shape Shifting

Let’s get real about this whole brand shape-shifting circus. Couples aren’t falling for surface-level brands anymore; standing out is the new trend, trust me. In my program, I teach that you’re only as good as your price and look. If you’re rocking the exact same style and images as someone else, clients won’t give you a second glance. Your brand can’t be a cheap knockoff. Your message is a sales powerhouse – clients want a connection to your vision, style, and passion. It’s not just about acing the sales call; it’s about selling your story. Clients crave consistency in editing and images. You can’t slap together a mishmash and call it your masterpiece. Unless you’re into a wild documentary style, be ready for clients to grill you on specific poses for that extra reassurance.

Taking Breaks and Prioritizing Mental Health

Here’s the scoop! I’m predicting a surge in Instagram breaks and sabbaticals. People are just fed up with the constant pressure to be on and create 24/7. Seriously, it’s exhausting. I’ve noticed a rise in faceless reels and content, and I’m genuinely excited about it. I look forward to joining this trend. Creating faceless content is something I’m interested in, even though I may have chubby fingers. We’ll find a way to make it work.

Long Term Marketing with the Power of SEO

I’m convinced SEO pays off every single time. Instead of just throwing a blog out there and scratching your head when it doesn’t convert, I say do both. Throw in some SEO magic and pick a platform for quick and easy short-form content. Jump on that SEO train because everyone’s building their house on that long-term marketing foundation. A while ago, I realized I should get back into blogging. It’s been a while, and none of my podcasts have been given the blog treatment. So, I’m catching up on all of that this year. I’m exploring new things, having fun with marketing, and keeping it all genuine.

Get ready, fellow wedding photographers! 2024 is shaping up to be a real thrill ride. Don’t forget to hit pause and take care of yourself. Brace yourselves for a year of wins and good vibes as you ride these trends straight to success!