Attract Your Dream Clients With Your Brand Story


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What is your Brand Story?

Your Brand Story

The Brand Story Training is our new transformational messaging and content tool. This tool is going to be your source of truth when it comes to understanding your dream clients, what it is that you want to do, how it is you want to do it. This tool is going to teach you how to update your messaging, your marketing, your content, all of it is going to stem from your brand story. This is going to help you market and sell your unique skills to your dream clients. Also, a brand story is a combination of three things, your brand promise, your brand pillars, and your brand personality.

Your Brand Promise

Your Brand Promise is going to be the foundational piece of your entire business. What you believe in, who you serve, essentially in the past, it was your tagline. This is what defines your dream clients and what they can expect from you. It’s the magnet that pulls them in. What made you start snapping photos in the first place? What part of a wedding day gets you excited? And not just the usual stuff; I’m talking about what really lights you up. How do you handle wedding days? Are you hands-on or more chill? And what’s that one moment that made you go, “Yep, this is why I do what I do”?

Once you figure out these things, you’ve got the heart of your brand promise. You’re not just a photographer; you’re the storyteller for couples who love real moments, or the memory-catcher for those who adore the little imperfections. Get creative with it, but make sure it screams YOU. That’s what’ll make you stand out.

Your Brand Pillars

Your Brand Pillars are basically what defines you, your work, and what you value. It’s like your unique selling points, your passions, and what your dream clients are after. Let me give you an example: I used to be all about making clients comfortable, capturing stories authentically, and offering a laid-back luxury experience. Your brand pillars are what sets you apart—your core values, your passions, what your clients want, and your unique skills. It’s like your secret sauce. You don’t have to spill all the beans during feedback reviews, but it really helps you understand what you’re all about.

If you’re feeling stuck, just throw it out to the community for brainstorming. After all, being eclectic is totally in right now. Who needs to fit into one style anyway?

Your Brand Personality

Your Brand Personality is the sprinkle of uniqueness that sets you apart. Forget the generic promises and pillars; your personality is what makes you shine. It’s the stuff that screams “you” – from your favorite drink to your quirky hobbies. Share a bit about yourself, make it personal, but not too personal – three things you should do. Remember, it’s not about oversharing, it’s about making connections. Think about what makes you, well, YOU. Then, lay it all out – your brand promise, your pillars, and your personality. 

Mine? Alora Rachelle Weddings offers an editorial experience for laid-back luxury couples. Editorial with a celebrity feel, comfy vibes, and a touch of effortlessness – that’s my style. These little details? They’re not just random; they’re what make my brand session truly connect with my clients. So, spill the beans, share your story, and let’s see what makes you, well, you.