Saturated Market: Wedding Photographers Blend In

How can wedding photographers stand out and attract their ideal clients despite the saturated market? Standing Out Matters More Than Blending In There is a common belief among wedding photographers: that the market is too saturated for them to book clients. A recent poll on Threads, an app I like to call “girl Twitter” because […]

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How To Create a Luxury Client Experience with Nata Salvatori

How did Nata help us explore the new world of improving client experience and operational efficiency? Nata is the creator of Timeline Pro—an essential app changing how wedding photographers and planners manage their schedules and interactions smoothly. Nata’s journey from photographer to tech entrepreneur shows how using personal experiences can turn into groundbreaking solutions that […]

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Why Dream Clients Don’t Book CHEAP Photographers

Why I know dream clients don’t book cheap photographers? The Value of Pricing Strategy When I charged $2,500 for weddings, I thought I was being super generous because, you know, it’s a bit more than $1k but still less than $3k, which totally feels like a safe zone. My clients were either very sweet and […]

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