How to Become a Successful CEO in Your Business


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Thinking about becoming the ultimate Wedding CEO? 

Lucky for you, these essential ingredients are the holy grail of our Wedding CEO program. Ever wondered how to take your business to the next level, connect effortlessly with clients, and master the art of the wedding business realm? Stick around, because we’ve got the perfect recipe for your success!

A CEO Knows Their Numbers

How often do you see businesses barely hanging on, throwing random numbers around like confetti? Most photographers take a shot at it, tossing out figures, and surprise! They end up losing money or barely scraping by. The classic move? Blame it on the industry, claiming success takes an eternity. However, the reality is that it’s not a matter of time but of strategy. If your figures lack strength and are randomly chosen, they won’t yield results. Whether you’re underpricing out of self-doubt or setting a high price with fingers crossed, it’s time to reassess your mindset. 

A CEO Has a Strong Mindset

I’ve packed my program with loads of mindset shifts about charging what you’re worth, battling fear of missing out, wrestling with the fear of failure, and confronting your own potential. To spice things up, I’ve whipped up an entire private podcast exclusively for my wedding CEO students. Now, they can binge mindset pep talks on the go. If you’re feeling uncertain, you might be stuck in the “not enough” mindset, comparing yourself to others and making six figures. Let me tell you, shift your focus from the competition to yourself, and ask, “Why not me? I’m just as worthy, and if others can do it, so can I.” It’s that straightforward. Easy, right?

A CEO Has a Compelling Brand Strategy

A dry brand is easy to see through. I’ve explored the skill of creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also effective in turning visitors into customers. Sure, we all enjoy the flashy visuals, the GIFs, and the captivating transitions, but the often-overlooked point here is the website structure. It’s the special ingredient for getting clients to follow your lead. If it’s not done right, clients may lose interest or, in more unfortunate cases, click away without a second thought. Our brand strategy isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about defining what your brand stands for. A website serves as the bridge that holds all the vital information that screams your brand identity. It’s your silent marketing maestro where you convince potential clients that you’re the real deal. Because, let’s face it, if I’m shelling out big bucks, I need to know you’re the pro, not a once-a-week side hustler.

A CEO Has a Luxury Client Experience

This one’s been seriously neglected in the past, and I’m not quite sure why. But it’s dawning on photographers and business owners that a luxury client experience is basically a huge marketing campaign. If you consistently serve your clients well with surprises and meet their needs, they will become your ultimate referral machine. Your clients become your biggest cheerleaders, rambling about you from the moment they sign up to the final farewell. They’re out there telling everyone, “Forget the price! You just need to hire this person.” Doubled prices and clients booking you despite a friend’s referral being cheaper is the ultimate flex. A luxurious client experience is a must for me, even if it involves arranging for childcare to meet the 48-hour sneak peek deadline. It’s what sets the stage for excitement and buzz. Trust me, it is worth it.

A CEO Scales Their Sales

While doing everything on your own may feel exciting, investing time in small tasks can hinder your business’s growth potential. We guide you through the process of making your initial hire, ensuring you can work less than 20 hours a week in your business. Personally, I’ve shifted to spending around five hours a week on my photography business, with the rest dedicated to building my coaching business. Thanks to automated workflows, everything runs smoothly. When I talk about scaling sales, it goes beyond just maintaining—our program covers various income streams, from passive income to launching mentorship programs. The options are practically endless! Mini sessions, branding services, or even boudoir services, because, you know, who doesn’t want to go from wedding photographer to intimate portrait artist? Just slap a brand on it, launch it like it’s the next big thing, and voila! Watch people fall over themselves to sign up. It’s as simple as, well, pretending you’ve discovered the cure for boredom.