My Trend Predictions For the Wedding Industry: Ins & Outs for 2024

Ever wondered what the trend predictions and ins and outs for wedding photographers has for 2024? While balancing work and life can be a real struggle, don’t forget to squeeze in some me-time. Now, let’s get into the trend predictions for wedding photographers. Balancing Consistency and Flexibility Step into the not-so-CEO glamorous life, where soft […]

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Leaving The Wedding Industry: Reflecting after 12 years in business

An Unexpected Start Hello everyone, welcome to a reflection of my 12-year journey in the wedding industry. It feels surreal but indeed, I shot my last wedding in September 2023. Looking back, I’ve realized that I am the type of person who keeps it moving all the time, rarely taking moments to sit and ponder […]

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Why I switched to Flodesk from Convertkit

I made a big move in my email marketing when I switched to Flodesk. Here’s why you should ditch Convertkit (or any other email provider) and start using Flodesk like yesterday! I’m gonna tell you all about why email marketing with Flodesk is the bomb, but… If you’re already sold on Flodesk, go ahead and […]

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